Board of Stewards

Board of Stewards
The pastor is the official head of all boards and auxiliaries, and therefore is the Chair of the Board of Stewards. Persons of piety who know and love the Word of God, the African Methodist Episcopal Church doctrine, and the Doctrine and Discipline of the African Methodist Episcopal Church are qualified for this office.  Stewards are nominated by the pastor and confirmed by the Quarterly Conference for a term of one year. This Board is responsible for the spiritual and financial well-being of the church.

Members serving during the current conference year are as follows:

Augustus Aikens
Linda Amankwaa
Joseph Brinson
Henry Broomfield
Ephraim Bryant
Gerri Chambers
Barbara Cotton
Margaree Elkins
Thaddeus Fortune
Gary Goodwin
Freddie Groomes-McClendon
Gaye Harper
Kyle Harris
Victor Holman
Delores Hudson
Lewis James
Eric Jeffries
Cassandra Jenkins
Darryl Jones (pro tem)
William Lamar
Mary Smith (pro tem)
Anthony Stewart
Rita Taylor
Byron Todd