“Come Grow with Us”

Who should attend Church School?

EVERYONE, regardless of age. We live in an age of lifelong learning, i.e. we learn from the “womb to the tomb.” Consequently, we can never know enough about the God’s Word, and Church School is a wonderful place to keep learning.

What is Church School?

It is the arm of the AME church whose mission is to “teach, train, nurture, prepare, and recruit adults and children in God’s word for Christian service . . .” (The Book of Discipline of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, 2008).    More specifically, it is a “home within a home” at the church.  It is where fellow Christians greet each other by name and grow together spiritually in ever changing environment.  It is also the place that arms Christians with the requisite arsenal (a well-defined, Bible-based curriculum) to combat spiritual warfare. 

When and Where is Church School held?

Every Sunday from 10:30 a.m. – 11:45 a.m. in the Church Chapel and in various locations throughout the church.  

What Classes are offered?

▪ Beginners – PK4 – Kindergarten

▪ Primary – 1st grade through 3rd grade

▪ Junior – 4th grade through 6th grade

▪ Intermediate – 7th grade through 9th grade

▪ Senior – 10th grade through 12th grade

▪ Augusta Nims – Collegiate and young adult

▪ Nicholas E. Gaymon and James Browdy Bible Class #1(adult)

▪ Patricia Proctor Bible Class #2 (adult)

▪ Bible Class #3 (adult)

Why should you attend?

Spiritual Benefits

Young children learn, among other important things, the Ten Commandments, the books of the Bible, stories contained in the Bible and how to pray for themselves.  This learning occurs in an age-appropriate, exciting setting that fosters creativity, good behavior, and lays a solid, spiritual foundation for the children.

​Middle School, High School and College students enhance their knowledge of the Bible and learn to apply that understanding to their everyday lives.   In other words, a direct connection is made between God’s word and practical experiences of today’s youth and young adults.

​Adults deepen their understanding God and their relationship to Him.   Yes, they can read and study the Bible on their own.  But interacting in a small group setting affords them the opportunity to ask questions and to share experiences (unlike in regular church services).  Without a doubt, this fellowship helps everyone, regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey.

Social Benefits

Younger children learn (or have reinforced) acceptable patterns of interacting with other people.  Because of a safe, nurturing and engaging Church School environment, students have the opportunity to speak in public, overcome shyness, engage in group activities and teamwork, and develop empathy and concern for others.

​Older children and adults meet other people with similar interests and form lifelong bonds. When they are absent from Church School classes, someone actually notices.  Moreover, all attendees are strongly encouraged to contribute to the class by sharing experiences, asking questions, and leading others to the Christian faith. 

See You Next Sunday!

Please come to Church School! Resolve this day to bring yourself and your family regularly to Church School. We pray God will touch your heart and move you to become an integral part of the Church School family. Be blessed! SEE YOU NEXT SUNDAY!!!

If you want more information about any or all of the Church ministries, please contact Debra Austin at